Beats and Sequencer

The beat is the basis of Elec­tro­nic Dance Music - whe­ther Hip Hop, Tech­no, Trap or Dub­step. But how do elec­tro­nic drum sounds work? Which rhyth­ms and pat­terns are cha­rac­te­ristic of which gen­re? How to achie­ve a good Groo­ve? Which varie­ty of soft­ware and hard­ware tools can be used and how could you com­bi­ne them? Pos­si­ble content:

  • Intro­duc­tion and over­view of pos­si­ble soft­ware and hard­ware tools
  • beat tools in the web-browser
  • beats and pat­terns of dif­fe­rent elec­tro­nic music genres
  • intro­duc­tion to midi sequencing
  • poly­rhyth­mic + poly­me­tric sequencers
  • melo­dic sequencers
  • non-euro­pean rhyth­ms and tunings