code loops – programming music

The com­pu­ter is a tool for crea­ting new sounds and inno­va­ti­ve musi­cal structures.
In music pro­gramming, com­po­si­ti­ons are craf­ted using algo­rith­ms. The focus can invol­ve various aspects, such as gene­ra­ting note struc­tures, explo­ring syn­the­tic and sam­pled sound­scapes, or inter­ac­ting with exter­nal inter­faces like moti­on, light, and heat sen­sors. Ano­ther intri­guing ele­ment of music pro­gramming is the use of rand­om­ness and glit­ches through so-cal­led 'hap­py acci­dents.' The­se are eit­her ran­dom events or inten­tio­nal­ly indu­ced errors that give rise to unex­pec­ted musi­cal pro­gres­si­ons and sounds. At lev, we employ pro­gramming tools such as Pure Data, Max Msp, Sonic Pi, and Tidal Cycles among others.