hardware hacking - music and electronics

Elec­tro­nic music cul­tu­re is built upon elec­tro­nics: intri­ca­te net­works of resis­tors, capa­ci­tors, coils, diodes, and sen­sors. Elec­tro­nic sounds are shaped vol­ta­ge, brought to audi­bi­li­ty through speakers.
Our hard­ware hack­ing work­shops pro­vi­de a playful intro­duc­tion to the micro­sco­pic realm of sound­ing cir­cuits. A defi­ni­te source of inspi­ra­ti­on for various crea­ti­ve music hack­ing pro­jects is Nico­las Coll­ins' book „hand­ma­de elec­tro­nic music“.