Deniz is a com­po­ser and sound desi­gner who explo­res the inter­sec­tions of music and lan­guage, inten­ti­on, and hap­py accidents.

As part of lev, he aims to accom­pa­ny youn­ger and older enthu­si­asts on their sonic explo­ra­ti­ons. He codes digi­tal ran­dom instru­ments with child­ren and teen­agers, allo­wing par­ti­ci­pan­ts to free­ly impro­vi­se as a noi­se orches­tra using game cards. For adults (beg­in­ners and advan­ced stu­dents in pri­va­te les­sons, sound design stu­dents, and music edu­ca­tors), he offers cour­ses in Max, Able­ton, as well as diver­se work­shops on com­po­si­ti­on, sound design, and "Music with Tablets." For him, the empha­sis is never sole­ly on con­vey­ing tech­ni­cal aspects but rather on nur­tu­ring the indi­vi­du­al aes­the­tic, artis­tic, or pedago­gi­cal inte­rests of the learners.


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Deniz Dilek play­ed as a gui­ta­rist, key­boar­dist, and sin­ger in various rock bands befo­re tur­ning to expe­ri­men­tal elec­tro­nic music. He stu­di­ed music and phi­lo­so­phy in Olden­burg as well as com­pu­ter lin­gu­i­stics in Pots­dam. He gai­ned initi­al expe­ri­en­ces as a sound assistant and sound desi­gner for stu­dent films at ddfb and film­ar­che. As a sound desi­gner, he crea­ted sounds for pro­mo­tio­nal films. In his music, he explo­res sam­ple col­la­ges, tape + vinyl, arti­fi­ci­al vocal enti­ties, trans­la­ti­on errors from lan­guage appli­ca­ti­ons, con­cre­te + visu­al poet­ry, noi­se, and chao­tic systems.