Kris­ti­na tea­ches the the­re­min for lev. She was born and grew up in Gehr­den, and stu­di­ed music and Ger­man in Hano­ver. She curr­ent­ly works as a music tea­cher and thea­ter musi­ci­an in Ber­lin, the vio­lin and the the­re­min are her main instru­ments. She is a mem­ber of 'a rose is', an ensem­ble for expe­ri­men­tal music thea­ter. Over the years she has work­ed with a wide varie­ty of thea­ters and musi­ci­ans, for exam­p­le in 2005 she work­ed for the first time with Con­stan­za Macras and Dor­ky Park on »Big in Bombay«.